Monthly Archives: December 2016 A Manifesto


The manifesto of, by founder and senior correspondent Steve Shagwell

First things first: Let me be perfectly clear about the fact that I do not hate cops. That is not what this site is about.

I am a survivor of pretty extreme police brutality followed by what can best be described as psychological terror at the hands of the court system in an effort to keep me silent about it and believe me, those who know what I’ve been through would conclude that it’s perfectly reasonable for me to hate cops. But the fact of the matter is, hating cops is unproductive, unbecoming, and only hurts me. To that end, I have spent several years now purging myself of what I admit to be some pretty intense hatred. Search online and I promise that you will find some pretty mean and hateful statements compliments of yours truly. But I have left that in the past, thankfully. Today is a new day, as they say.

In spite of that, I recognize that there is a serious problem. I recognize that as the current legal system exists, you cannot expect to be left alone just because you mind your own business, do your part to be a productive member of society, and obey the laws of the land. It didn’t work for me, and you may soon find it not working for you.  Continue reading